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Solar Scientists – Engager: Skill Level Two

Solar Scientists

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ENGAGER – Skill Level: Two

Solar powered toy car
Using the power from the sun to propel the vehicle.


Build a Solar Powered Car


Objective: Youth will build a solar powered vehicle
Science Skills:  Build, Observe, Measure
Life Skills: Cooperation

Preparation Activities: Check out a kit from Extension, or order a solar car kit from online.

Materials: Solar Scientist Engager Kit (available at Extension Office)

Ask the Right Questions: Can you change the speed of the car? How?  Can you use the panel/motor and design a different car? What would you have to keep the same? What could you change? Look through the list of projects in Explore More. Is there one you would like to work on?

Explore More:
How Stuff Works-Solar Powered Cars

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