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Washington State University

Food Safety & Preservation

If you have questions about home food safety and preservation, please call our office.

Cheryl Kahle, Food Safety Information Assistant
(360) 778-5806


Food preservation courses teach how to preserve the harvest at home

EVERETT, Wash. – Juicy ripe peaches, snapping fresh green beans, sweet raspberry jam, and crunchy dill pickles – nothing tastes better than home-preserved foods. In addition, a well-stocked pantry is a big step towards ensuring your family always has plenty of healthy food available. However, safely preserving food at home requires a bit of knowledge, some time set aside, and a small investment in equipment.

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WSU Food Safety & Preservation Publications

These publications are available for sale through the Whatcom County Extension Office, (360) 778-5806 or purchase them online at:


Big Game From Hunt to Home – PNW517

Canning Fruits – PNW0199

Canning Meat, Poultry, & Game – PNW361

Canning Seafood – PNW194

Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products – PNW300

Canning Vegetables – HS0006e.pdf

Curing and Smoking Poultry Meat – EB1660

Drying Fruits and Vegetables – PNW397

Fish Pickling for Home Use – PNW0183

Food Preservation Resources – C1117E

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables – PNW0214

Freezing Meat, Fish and Poultry at Home – EB1195

Freezing Prepared Foods – PNW296

Fresh Cheese Made Safely – PNW0539

Home Canning Smoked Fish – PNW0450

Homemade Meat, Poultry, and Game Sausages – EB1661

Now You’re Cooking – Using a Food Thermometer – MISC0513

Now You’re Cooking – Using a Food Thermometer (recipe cards) – MISC0512

Pickled Eggs – EB1104

Pickling Vegetables – PNW355

Salsa Recipes for Canning – PNW0395

Smoking Fish at Home Safely – PNW238

Storing Fruits and Vegetables at Home – EB1326

Using and Caring for Your Pressure Canner – PNW421


Spanish Publications

Envasado de Frutas – WREP0114

Envasado de Hortalizas – WREP0113

Queso Fresco Hecho Saludable – PNW0539S

Recetas Para el Envasado de Salsas – PNW0395S