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Washington State University


Information on nutrient management, manure, animal health, and financial resources.


Dairy Your Way (pdf)
This publication was created to provide information that will help producers explore the many choices available for today’s dairy farms. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for dairy farmers seeking success as milk producers, there are many options that can be profitable and satisfying. Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE), 2006

On-farm Composting of Large Animal Mortalities (pdf)
This bulletin provides the necessary information for large animal producers in Washington State to start and maintain a safe and effective on-farm mortality composting system. Washington State University, May 2008

Dairy Waste Composting (pdf)
Publication discusses: benefits of composting, how is compost produced, how much does composting cost, when is it beneficial to compost dairy manure and bedding, how is compost marketed, when is a centralized compost facility beneficial, and where you can get help in decision making. Washington State University, May 2003

Calculating Dairy Manure Nutrient Application Rates (pdf)
Describes how to calibrate waste-handling equipment and calculate nutrient application rates. Covers calibration of typical equipment found on dairies, such as stationary guns, traveling guns, liquid wagons, and solids spreaders. Oregon State University, November 2000

Livestock Management and Water Quality (pdf)
This publication provides livestock owners and managers with techniques to address water quality issues. Washington State University, May 2008

Cattle Vaccines: Recommendations and Available Products (pdf)
The large number of cattle vaccines currently on the market has generated many questions about their content and use. This publication is designed as a quick reference guide to commercial cattle vaccines. University of Wisconsin Extension, 2004

Post-harvest Soil Nitrate Testing (pdf)
This publication describes the use of post-harvest soil nitrate testing as a tool for assessment of nitrogen (N) management in manured cropping systems west of the Cascade Mountains. Oregon State University, November 2003



Cattle Vaccines: Recommendations and Available Products (pdf)
This publication is designed as a quick reference guide to commercial cattle vaccines. University of Wisconsin Extension, 2004

Animal Welfare: Understanding and Addressing Issues Related to the Well-being of Livestock (pdf)
This publication provides an overview of the implications of animal welfare issues for livestock producers and how to minimize or avoid practices that compromise animal welfare. Oregon State University, March 2003



Alternative Forage & Fodder Crops
This website describes the historical use of forage and fodder crops for animal feed and its modern day significance, based on high feed costs. It also provides information and result on research conducted by the WSU Whatcom County Extension office.

Dairy Nutrient Management Alternatives (pdf)
Publication discusses: alternatives available to dairy farmers, which alternative is best for your herd, investment costs, annual fixed costs, annual operating costs, and where you can get help to determine the best alternative for your herd. Washington State University, May 2003

Manure Application Rates for Forage Production (pdf)
This publication explains how to estimate the amount of manure to apply for forage production. Applications and rates are based on soil tests and growing conditions in western Oregon. Oregon State University, July 2007

Managing Dairy Grazing for Better Grass and More Milk (pdf)
This publication provides information on how plants grow most efficiently, how cows’ use of pasture interacts with plant growth, how to establish and maintain a high-producing pasture, and how to develop a balanced fertilizer program. Oregon State University, Revised April 2004

Feed management: A tool for balancing nutrients on dairies and other livestock operations (pdf)
This publication suggests ways to improve feed management and avoid overfeeding phosphorus and potassium. Proper ration balancing is good for the environment and the producer’s bottom line. Oregon State University, July 2006

Pastures: Sustainable Management
This publication addresses numerous aspects of sustainable pasture integration, grazing rotation strategies, and management options. NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project, 2006

Pasture and Hayland Renovation for Western Washington and Oregon (pdf)
This publication is designed to help you achieve a successful forage seeding whether you’re a beginning or experienced forage producer. Washington State University, 2002



Economic Impact of Washington Dairy Farms: An Input-Output (pdf)
This report describes the economic state, conditions and trends for Washington State dairy farm production and to estimate its state level economic impact. Washington State University, October 2007

Analysis Basic Milk Pricing Concepts for Dairy Farmers (pdf)
Publication discusses how federal milk marketing order prices are calculated and how they affect the price farmers receive for milk. University of Wisconsin Extension, 2008

Understanding Dairy Markets
This is the website of the University of Wisconsin Dairy Marketing and Risk Management Program and is maintained by Prof. Brain W. Gould of the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics. It contains market information and price risk management principles.

The Economics of Dairy Nutrient Management (pdf)
This publication addresses many important physical and economic issues in dairy nutrient management. To assist you in designing a nutrient management system, a set of linked spreadsheets can be downloaded. Washington State University, March 2003

Dairy Policy Issues for the 2012 Farm Bill (pdf)
This report is intended to help sort through the myriad of dairy policy alternatives that will likely be considered as the next farm bill process evolves. University of Missouri-Columbia, April 2010

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS): Dairy Programs
Dairy Programs assists the dairy industry by providing stability and orderliness in the dairy marketplace, while at the same time assuring the availability of an adequate supply of high-quality milk and dairy products for U.S. consumption.


Additional Resources

Washington State University, Veterinary Medicine Extension
Washington State University Veterinary Medicine Extension helps build connections between industry, producers, veterinarians, and students throughout the state of Washington.

Washington State University Extension: Central Washington Animal Agriculture Team
This website provides research-based information to Washington livestock producers and natural resource managers to improve their economic status and quality of life while they create a quality product in a sustainable manner.

Whatcom Conservation District
This organization develops programs to help you through the process of properly assessing, managing, and reducing the risks associated with applying manure to your fields and how to individually manage your fields.

eXtension: Resources for and about the Dairy Industry (DAIReXNET)
DAIReXNET is a national, extension-driven web resource designed to meet the educational and decision-making needs of dairy producers, allied industry partners, extension educators and consumers.

Healthy Animals
An online compilation of animal health-related research news published each quarter by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). ARS is the chief scientific agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.