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Washington State University

WSU Whatcom County Extension office has moved!

Our office is now located at: 600 Dupont Street, Suite A, Bellingham, WA  98225

Strengthening Families Program

Welcome to the Washington State University Strengthening Family Podcast. These podcasts describe key family communication and relationship skills to support all families.


Episodes in English

How to Show Love and Set Limits
Episode 1:

Making House Rules
Episode 2:

Using I Statements with your Family
Episode 3:

Encouraging your Youth to use Good Behavior
Episode 4:

Using Consequences with your Youth
Episode 5:

Creating Bridges of Communication in your Family
Episode 6:

Build Protection Against Substance Use in your Youth
Episode 7:

Episodios en español

Cómo Demostrar Amor y Establecer Límites
Episodio 1:

Hacer Reglas de la Casa
Episodio 2:

Uso de Declaraciones I con su Familia
Episodio 3:

Alentar a su Juventud a usar la Buena Conducta
Episodio 4:

Usar las Consecuencias con su Juventud
Episodio 5:

Creando Puentes de Comunicación en su Familia
Episodio 6:

Desarrolle Protección Contra el Uso de Sustancias en su Juventud
Episodio 7:



Note: WSU is planning a SFP facilitator training in the fall and will share the details once we have a time/date/place identified. Thanks for your patience, stay safe and well.

Playlists & RSS Feed

English playlist:

Spanish playlist:

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