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Washington State University

Successful Forest Tour

5th Grade
Forest Conservation Tour


Suggestions for a Successful Forest Tour



Please prepare your students for the kinds of things they will hear and see while on the tour. The teacher guide covers the important points that will be taught at each station. We find that the students that get the most out of the tour are the ones who have prepared before the tour.



  1. Stay on the trails.
  2. Walk between stations. No running.
  3. Listen attentively to speakers. Use talking voices between stations.
  4. Respect time limits at each station. Wait for speaker to send your class to the next station.
  5. Trash and recycle containers will be provided at the bus parking area. While on the tour pick up and carry out your own trash.



Much of the tour is in shaded areas where it remains quite cool even on warm, sunny days. Following is a list of suggested clothing:

  1. Sturdy shoes – no sandals
  2. Dress in layers including a warm jacket to be able to adapt to the day’s weather.
  3. Rain gear. (A garbage bag with holes cut for arms and head is a low cost raincoat.)



Each tour participant will be given a tree as a donation from the Whatcom Farm Forestry Association. Following are some suggestions for preparing students to plant the trees at home:

  1. Select an appropriate site. Not under wires or eaves. Allow room for the tree to mature.
  2. Prepare the soil. Mix in organic matter if necessary.
  3. Your tree should be planted at least as deep as it grew in the nursery.
  4. Plant roots in a natural position. Be sure the planting hole is large enough in width and depth so the root system will not be crowded or doubled up. Be sure root extends straight down and does not curl up.
  5. Firm the soil around the tree.
  6. Water regularly the first couple of years.
  7. Keep the area around the tree free of weeds and grasses.
  8. Protect the tree from animal and lawn mower damage.