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Water Bugs

Water Bugs

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Skill Level: One

Looking at Bugs
Aquatic Sampling


What’s swimming in your stream?


Objective: Discover biodiversity by observing freshwater insects and other macro invertebrates.
Science Skills: Observation
Life Skill: Communicating, record keeping

Skill Level: Two

"Caddisfly Larvae" - University Bug Scope, University of Illinois
Caddisfly Larvae


What’s swimming in your stream? – The Sequel


Objective: Compare stream sites and discover the elements that support biotic integrity.
Science Skills: Observation, Comparing and Measuring, Hypothesizing, Using Tools
Life Skill: Communicating, Critical Thinking, Record keeping

Skill Level: Three

"Strider" - Photo used with permission, Robert B. Suter PhD


Bringing life back to the streams


Objective: Assess and improve biotic integrity of local streams
Science Skills: Relating, Collecting and Interpreting Data, Applying Learning
Life Skill: Responsible Citizenship, Contribution to Group Effort, Community Service